Yesterday’s Coding Interview: What The H***?

I had an interview in which I had LOADS of confidence but alas felt like I was in the octagon with John Jones.

There were four tasks in total:

  1. A PostgreSQL query that required the sum of salaries of employees within certain departments. Needless to say, I had several WTF moments but I was able to do some quick googling to at least successfully query some of the data.
  2. An “identify the bug” problem within some kind of for loop. I forgot what the program was trying to do. This was this one that I felt I got right… I think
  3. A problem that required me to construct an algorithm as follows: A String S will be comprised of a series of letters of only ‘a’ and ‘b’ that is of length N. For any N of S, write a function that will make the amount of groups of letters equivalent. As an example, if the input was ‘aababa’, the algorithm would output ‘aabbaabbaa’ thus making each group equal with each other.
  4. The last one (sigh…this one really drove the “wow, I don’t know what I’m doing” point home) was a Javascript algorithm that required me to use a “DOM Tree”, whatever that is, and print out only the letters that were not the same color as their background. Not only was it confusing, but it felt WAY out of my league.

I’ll write more on this later; unfortunately My break is over :/

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